Adelaide turns seven!

Yesterday was Adelaide’s birthday. Most everyone else calls her Ada but I still use her full name often. She is such a sweet girl. The most giggly and affectionate and talkative of the family. She also uses the most words out of anyone in the family – she is constantly talking! She’s super silly and a lot of fun and always up for an adventure.

Ada’s favorites right now: swinging on the neighbor’s tire swing – actually spinning on the tire swing. She spins and spins and spins until Luisa gets a stomachache and then Ada spins some more. She loves playing legos and American Girl with her sisters. She is super artistic and is constantly drawing pictures or making things for us and leaving them on our desk or bed. She’s very into riding her bike this summer and is now confident enough to go on bike rides around the neighborhood, which is fun.

Sunday we had a joint birthday party with my family and my brother-in-law’s family for Ada and my nephew. She requested a Moana cake.

Della bought Adelaide a fidget spinner out of the Target dollar spot.

Opening presents and Henry has to be right there to help.

Cora made butterbeer for Adelaide because the big girls had it when we were at Disney and Ada did not. Super sweet.

Happy Birthday Adelaide – we love you so much and we are so glad God gave you to us!

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