last week in photos

There have been many times where I’ve considered not doing these posts. Life is busy, do I want my kids all over the internet, our life is boring, etc. But ultimately I love looking back over our life and remembering so much joy amidst all the crazy.

I have space in our bedroom for some sort of furniture to hold towels and medicine cabinet type stuff and I was polling for advice. I found something, you’ll see a picture down later in this post. But it’s not in our room yet….

I briefly saw the sun! Wow.

I haven’t really talked about it, and I didn’t post this to instagram, but I’ve been going to purebarre a few times a week since January. And it’s been good.

Sleepy baby.

She was so mad at me because we didn’t have kefir! And she had to come up to tell me while I was nursing Henry (instead of telling her dad who was with her downstairs).

Birthday celebration – yum!


The things we do while we wait for preschool to start.

I had been all over everywhere that day. And it won’t stop raining. And I was done.

But the rain sure gives him cute curls.

Lunch with these two. And laundry.

We forgot to get him dressed saturday. I had a plugged milk duct and was taking it pretty easy.

Found on craigslist for $70! But it won’t fit up the stairs.

Kelly found me this drink and we watched part of the final four.

I keep joking with Kelly that he should change the slider to a french door. And and and. The projects could never end. I think we’re only painting for now and hopefully doing something with the kitchen later in time.

Oh Lulu.

She took this picture of me reading.

Bike riding! Hooray no rain!


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