last week in photos

70 & sunny – and super windy! but I’ll take sunshine.

right where I needed to be.

seemed early for these purple flowers (and it’s so, so cold now) but they’re pretty!

he likes to blow on the pinwheel.

trying so hard to wake up. had to wake him for school pickup.

flowers from the husband. they smelled so good.

bath time! and he’s getting molars.

the next morning – bedhead!

he’s had the worst diaper rash. trying these things now. plus nystatin.

who is this big boy?

There aren’t many pictures this week and they all seem to be close-ups of Henry. It’s because my house is in complete chaos. Boxes everywhere, half packed rooms. Messes everywhere. We’re moving! Just a few miles away, staying in the same schools and city. But it’s a lot of work to move and we have two more kids this time than last time. So pray for our sanity please!


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