last week in photos

Monday Morning, my car wouldn’t start and my husband was already at work. He rushes home, switches me cars so I can get the kids to school on time, and meanwhile takes my car and gets me a new battery. He’s a keeper.

Sleep Saturday – it was so cold, negative temps and wind chills. We stayed home all weekend except for mass. (I don’t know why the pictures won’t post in order but I can’t deal with it right now)

Tuesday – double ear infection and a sinus infection. Up all night.

Screaming and squealing and happy to be home together to play.

Kelly was out Saturday night with friends and I am so blessed to have the big girls to help me with bedtime while I get Henry ready for bed.

School pickup line. Always and forever.

“Oh my baby brother I missed you I love you and you smell so good!”

Part puppy?

My friend sells Mary & Martha – isn’t this board great?

And my sister-in-law got us that darling bunting when Henry was born and I just got it hung up last week.

Della had her Christmas program Thursday night. They all sounded so lovely! Unfortunately Cora’s was the same night (different school) so we split up and Kelly took the other kids with him.


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